The knowledge, experience and technology we have at hand makes us confident in our undertaking and completion of projects.

Willowmore Hospital

Willowmore Hospital fencing and security building

Halifax Group Pty Ltd

Raft foundation for NMBM IPTS Route shelter for 180 people

Auto X Pty Ltd

Installation of Slab

Coega Development Corporation

Repairs and Renovations at David Vuku P.S

Coega Development Corporation

Repairs and Renovations at Samuel Nongongo P.S

Gordian Fencing

David Livingstone School Retaining Wall

Department of Public Works

Forest Hill Building 122 Repairs

Mandela Bay Development Agency

Renovations to Veeplaas Business Incubator

Housing Development Agency

Construction of 20 top structures

Mandela Bay Development Agency

Maintenance of New Brighton Sport Field


Painting at State warehouse


Painting at ROR Building

Nelson Mandela Bay Municipality

Construction of Foundation Slabs

Department of Public Works

St Albans Maximum Kitchen: Replacement of Asbestos Roof

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